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Central America:

Ancient Limestone Quarries of Nakbe, Guatemala
This document briefly describes one portion of the RAINPEG Project designed to study how the ancient Preclassic Maya
quarried limestone blocks using tools of stone and wood. The project involved two separate activities:  1.the archaeological excavation of ancient quarries at Nakbe, Guatemala. experiment using modern replicas of ancient tools to cut and shape limestone blocks.

Ancient Mesoamerican Civilizations
This page supplies information regarding Mesoamerican Civilizations. The primary groups addressed are the Maya, Mixtec, Zapotec, and Aztec.

Archaeology of Golfito, Costa Rica
This Web site has been created to facilitate dissemination of information about archaeological research undertaken in Golfito, Costa Rica under the direction of John W. Hoopes, of the University of Kansas, in 1990 and 1992. It will provide access to research reports, maps, photographs, and the results of analyses of ceramics, lithics, faunal remains, botanical remains, and other cultural materials.

Aztlan E-Journal
Articles that have been submitted by members of the AZTLAN discussion list.

BVAR Western Belize Regional Cave Project
The Belize Valley Archaeological Reconnaissance Project will once again be conducting archaeological research within various
caves in Belize, Central America in the summer of 1998. This regional study will involve caves previously investigated in the
1996 and 1997 seasons, including Actun Tunichil Muknal (Stone Sepulchre), Actun Uayazba Kab (Handprint Cave), and a
number of caves recently discovered.

Canadian Museum of Civilization - Mystery of the Maya 

Caribbean Archaeology
The Caribbean Archaeology Program at the Florida Museum of Natural History has four main components: Field Research, Collections, the Bullen Bibliography of Caribbean Archaeology and Public Education.

Central American Institute of Prehistoric and Traditional Cultures at Belize
The Institute aims to preserve the traditional knowledge and practices of the Maya and Garifuna cultures, and to create and share a collective consciousness of issues in the fields of ethnoscience, ecology, archaeology, and ethnology.

Cihuatan Archaeological Project - El Salvador
A giant metropolis once flourished in what is now El Salvador, rising from the ruins of Maya civilization. The city of Cihuatán has long remained Central America's least known and most spectacular treasure. Now an archaeological project will attempt to unlock its secrets.

Feathered Serpent Pyramid (FSP), Teotihuacan, Mexico
This site consists of introductory pages, recent excavation reports, and an academic journal, each suited for different kinds and levels of readers.

Foundation for the Advancement of Mesoamerican Studies, Inc.

JASON Project Voyage V: Expedition to Belize

Laguna de On Island Archaeological Excavation, Belize

Maya Research Program

Mesoamerican Photo Archives
The purpose of this web site is to educate and stimulate the public with both accurate information and beautiful photographs of Mesoamerican archaeology. Within these photo galleries, you will find full-color photographs of archaeological sites and museums from all over Mexico, complete with detailed captions.

Mesoamerican WWW Page
Here you can find files, links, resources, software and reports relevant or interesting to Mesoamerican and Pre-Columbian

One Hundred Years of Anthropology in Costa Rica
A bibliography of published and unpublished sources.

Outline of Prehistory and History in the Southeastern U.S. and Caribbean
Outline of Prehistory and History in the Southeastern U.S. and Caribbean Culture Area with Reference to Relevant National Park Units in the Southeast Region.

Rabbit in the Moon: Mayan Glyphs and Architecture

University of Calgary, Current Research in Mesoamerica       

South America: 

Ancient Civilizations of the Andes
The Andes have always held the aura of mystery and the unknown. Perhaps it's the fact that over a period of thousands of
years many civilizations have flourished hidden deeply in the endless valleys of this vast mountain range. The fragments that
remain provide wonderous clues, from which we can only guess at the cultures and people that once inhabited these regions.

Ancient Raised Field Agriculture: Applied Archaeology in the Bolivian Amazon
Until about 30 years ago, Western academic opinion agreed that the Amazon Basin could never have sustained large populations; due to the limitations of a tropical environment, the area could support only hunting and gathering and slash-and-burn agriculture. Subsequent archaeological research proved this opinion wrong.   A joint "applied archaeology" project involving the Inter-American Foundation, the Parroquia of San Ignacio, the Bolivian Institute of Archaeology, and the University of Pennsylvania Museum of Anthropology and Archaeology has developed an experimental program to put raised-field agriculture back into use.

Andean Bioarchaeology Web Page   

Archaeological Research in Peru
Natural History Museum Assistant Curator Karen Wise, an archaeologist, directs an archaeological excavation on the south coast of Peru. Working at the site of Kilometer 4, she and her colleagues and students investigate the origins of sedentary village life, early architecture, the development of specialized fishing communities, and the evolution of mortuary practices between 8000 and 3000 years ago.

Archaeology Research in Peru
These pages contain full browseable text, abstracts, references, and selected graphics from archaeological research papers
presented by Bruce Owen at academic conferences, plus a picture gallery of archaeological ceramics and other information.

The Chilca Valley, Peru

The Chinchorro Occupation at Villa Del Mar, Ilo, Peru
This is the english version of the article "La ocupacion Chinchorro en Villa del Mar, Ilo, Peru" by Karen Wise, published in the Peruvian journal Gaceta Arqueológica Andina 24:135-149. 1995.

Cultura Aconcagua  

Latin American Studies
Library of Congress.

Nazca, Peru

Research at Cerro Baul, Peru - University of Florida
Video clips from the headwaters of the Tambo drainage in the Department of Moquegua.

South Coast of Peru Archaeology
this page is about the archaeology of the South Coast of Peru, at the moment it is limited to the archaeology of the Nasca region.

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