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African Primates at Home

American Anthropological Association - Anthropology and the Environment Section
Home page of archaeologists, biological anthropologists, linguistic anthropologists and cultural anthropologists interested in ecology and the environment. The resources provided here come from Section members and researchers in other disciplines who study environmental issues.

Andean Past
Andean Past is a peer-reviewed journal published approximately bi-ennially. Each volume consists of papers on Andean archaeology and ethnohistory; ethnohistorical contributions are limited to those directly concerned with the Pre-Columbian peoples of the Andes. Andean Past is edited at the University of Maine and is published by the Cornell University Latin American Studies Program.

Anita Cohen's List of Anthropology Web Sites
Anthropology and American Indian Sites on the Internet

Anth 1101 Human Origins Website

ANTHAP - The Applied Anthropology Computer Network
Applied anthropologists are professional consultants and on-board problem solvers in many fields that require a theoretical and practical understanding of human cultural behavior or human biology. They work in advertising, market development, health care, cultural resource management, educational research, business management, economic development, migrant settlement, forensic analysis, and many other areas. They utilize the research techniques and background information of the anthropological sciences in practical settings where they also develop special anthropological approaches to problem solving.

An initiative to broaden professional electronic communication in Anthropology.

This site is dedicated to the exchange of information, curricula, and notes for anthropology instructors in community colleges and secondary schools.

Electronic Journal of Generative Anthropology

The Anthropologist in the Field

Anthropological Review Database

Anthropological Society of Nippon
The AnthroNet was created to facilitate access to Anthropological sources on the Internet for anthropology graduate students and faculty at the University of Virginia and for the world-wide anthropological community as a whole.

Anthromorphemics: Anthropology Glossary

Anthronet at University of Virginia 

Anthropological Index

Anthropology and Environment Directory
The purpose of this directory is to facilitate connections among ourselves in the community of ecologically-minded anthropologists, students, and scholars.

Anthropology in the News
Links to news stories published on the web by ABC, CNN, USA Today, Washington Post, Nando, Archaeology, university press releases and other sources.

Archaeological and Anthropological Society of Victoria
The Society exists to promote the study of, to conduct and assist in investigations and observations relating to each and all of, to create opportunities for friendly co-operation among persons interested in the advancement of, to interest and educate the public in Archaeology, Ethno-Archaeology, Ethno-History and Anthropology in all their branches and to do all such things as are incidental or necessary for the carrying out of these purposes.

Archaeological Institute of America
AIA has been dedicated to the encouragement and support of archaeological research and publication and to the protection of the world's cultural heritage for more than a century. A non-profit cultural and educational organization chartered by the U.S. Congress, it is the oldest and largest archaeological organization in North America, with more than 10,000 members around the world.

Arctic Circle

Associazione Antropologica Italiana (in Italian)

Australian Anthropological Society
AAS was formed in 1973 to 'promote the advancement of Anthropology as a professional discipline'. In 1987, the Society was re-structured to establish a two-tiered membership, providing a basis for the professionalisation of the discipline in Australia.

Bulletin of Information on Computing in Anthropology

Center for the Study of Eurasian Nomads
CSEN was established to promote research on the nomadic cultures who lived or are currently living in the vast steppe lands that stretch from southern Russia, through Kazakhstan, and southern Siberia, west to Mongolia, and south to include Western China.

Classics of Out(land)ish Anthropology

CSAC Ethnographics Gallery/Intermedia Library
The CSAC Ethnographics Gallery is for the use of anthropologists and others to promote wider access to information. The Gallery contains information on research at CSAC, reference resources of special use to anthropologists, and a range of resources useful in the teaching and learning of anthropology.

Cultural Anthropology Methods
A journal of qualitative and quantitative methods in anthropology.

Current Anthropology
Interdisciplinary, international journal of anthropology.

Ethnoarchaeology Bibliography
The second version of the ethnoarchaeology bibliography is a substantial improvement on the first and adds approximately 200 new references from a variety of sources.

Federation of Small Anthropology Programs
FOSAP is a membership committee of the Council for General Anthropology (CGA) of the American Anthropological Association (AAA). It is designed to further the needs of faculty and students in small programs in Universities, Colleges, and Community Colleges, as well as public or private agencies, consulting firms and any other small groups with interests in anthropology.

Field Museum of Natural History, Chicago

Flints and Stones: Real Life in Prehistory
This exhibition takes you into the lives of the inhabitants of Britain and north west Europe from the time when ice sheets still covered land and sea, until the time when settled farming peoples were cultivating the land. Against the background of this changing world, people survived by hunting game and gathering food from the plants around them; on the move, following the herds and seeking out the fruits season by season.

Fossil Hominids
These web pages are intended to refute creationist claims that there is no evidence for human evolution. To do this, it is first necessary to summarize the current thinking about human evolution and the fossil evidence supporting it.

Internet Journal of Anthropological Studies (IJAS)

Journal of Material Culture

Journal of Political Ecology
Bureau of Applied Research in Anthropology, University of Arizona.Case Studies in History and Society.

Hominid Paleo-ethology

Hudson Museum of Anthropology - University of Maine

Hunter-Gatherer Bibliography

H-SAE (Society for the Anthropology of Europe discussion group)

Italian Ethnographic Museums (comprehensive list)

Kinship & Social Organization
An Interactive tutorial.

London Museum of Natural History

Matt's Paleo Pages

Musical Anthropology of the Mediterranean and Beyond
Music & Anthropology (M&A) is an online multimedia interactive journal, founded by the Study Group on "Anthropology of Music in Mediterranean Cultures" of the International Council for Traditional Music

The Nacirema

Naked Scientific Archaeology & Co-Ed Physical Anthropology Page

Nicole's AnthroPage

PaleoAnthro Home Page


Primate Handedness and Brain Lateralizatin Research Site

Reflections on Fieldwork Among the Sinai Bedouin Women

Resources for the Anthropological Study of Food Habits

The Royal Anthropological Institute of Great Britain and Ireland
The RAI publishes journals, has a privileged link with the Museum of Mankind Library (British Museum), has a film lending library and an extensive photographic collection, awards medals for outstanding scholarship and manages a number of trust funds for research.

Society for Economic Anthropology
The Society for Economic Anthropology is an association of more than 500 anthropologists, archaeologists, and economists interested in understanding diversity and change in the economic systems of the world. The Society holds an annual meeting, composed entirely of plenary papers, on a particular topic or theme in economic anthropology and publishes a peer-reviewed volume of selected papers from each meeting.

Society for Visual Anthropology
The Society for Visual Anthropology is a section of the American Anthropological Association. The Society for visual Anthropology promotes a broad range of theoretical approaches to visual representation and media. Both research methods and teaching strategies fall within the scope of the society. SVA members are involved in all aspects of production, dissemination, and analysis of visual forms.

Theoretical Anthropology

Theory in Anthropology (Pages compiled by Indiana University anthro students)

Tommi's Medical Anthropology Page

UC-Berkeley Museum of Paleontology

UCSB Anthropology Web Site

University of Michigan Museum of Anthropology

University of Missouri-Columbia Anthropology Department 

University of Pennsylvania Museum of Archaeology and Anthropology

USC's Virtual Library (Anthropology)

Washington Association of Professional Anthropologists (WAPA)

Western Connecticut State University List: Anthropology Internet Resources

Anthropology Web Ring

This Anthropology Web Ring site is owned by Archaeology on the Net.

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