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Atlas of the Greek and Roman World

Atlas historique de l'Antiquité tardive

Cultural Map of Hellas (Greece)

Database and Atlas of Palaeovegetation
Preliminary land ecosystem maps of the world since the Last Glacial Maximum.

Europe Map Archive
Including maps relating to the ancient and Medieval world.

Exploring Ancient World Cultures - Maps and Images

Geography of Roman Gaul

GIS Related Resources

Giza Plateau Mapping Project

Global Images from GRASS GIS

Historical Atlas of Europe and the Middle East

Interactive Ancient Mediterranean
IAM is an on-line atlas of the ancient world designed to serve the needs and interests of students and teachers in high school, community college and university courses in classics, ancient history, archaeology and related fields.

Israel - Graphics and Maps

Map of the Middle East

Maps and Codices of Roman Empire
From the library of Trimalchio.

Maps and the Historical Topography of Beirut

Maps of Regions of Greece

Mediterranean Oceanic Database
The main objectives of MODB is to deliver advanced data products for oceanographic research in the Mediterranean Sea. Software products for data analysis and visualization are also prepared for distribution within the scientific community.

The Perry-Castañeda Library Map Collection: Electronic Maps
Resource for maps of particular countries.

Perseus Atlas Project
The Perseus Atlas Project is a part of the Perseus project's efforts to build an interrelated collection of hypermedia databases focused on classical Greece.

Thesaurus of Geographic Names, The Getty Information Institute
Getty Thesaurus of Geographic Names (TGN) makes an important contribution to the emerging online universe. It is a fundamental resource of the geographic names that are crucial in cataloging, accessing, and building global digital libraries. The TGN is the first automated source of hierarchically arranged geographic data that is global in scope. The TGN comprises records for approximately 900,000 places; these records contain information supplied by several Getty contributors.

XEROX PARC Map Viewer - Maps of the Near East

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