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Archaeological Artefact Analysis - PREH3017
An introduction to archaeological approaches to the analysis of artefacts. Issues examined include the concept and practice of classification, technological analysis of the manufacturing process, and an introduction to the study of style and function. Both theory and practice of artefact analysis will be covered and students will undertake studies of artefacts in laboratory sessions.

Archaeological Lithic Analysis
Archaeological Lithic Analysis is a reasoned and documented basis for differentiating archaeological probability zones, a corollary of the concept that human behavior is patterned. Testing against an established predictive model substantiates understanding past human behavior, culture change, and adaptation through controlled observation, contextual measurement, controlled collecting, analysis, interpretation, and explanation.

Archaeology Modules - Lithic artefacts

Applied Artifact Quiz
This quiz is for professional archaeologists and non-professional enthusiasts alike! You will be given an image of an artifact or prehistoric structure and asked to select the best response from four or five choices.

Australian Stone Tools on display in the ANU
The focus of this web site is a basic appraisal of a collection of Aboriginal Stone Artefacts currently on loan to the Department of Archaeology and Anthropology at the Australian National University from the Australian Museum, Sydney.

Bibliography of Projectile Point Literature

BioSystems Analysis Obsidian Studies Laboratory
The BioSystems Analysis Obsidian Studies Laboratory has recently changed hands and is now the Northwest Research Obsidian Studies Laboratory.

Bruce Bradley's site

Catalogue of Lithic Tool Types

The Flintknapper's quarterly news publication written for flintknappers by flintknappers.

Concord Lithics
This is a page about stone tools and pre-history in Concord Massachusetts, showing pictures of arrowheads and stone tools made from fine imported, or "exotic" materials, as well as crude tools made from local granite and schist.

An Experimental Study of Microwear Formation Among Modern and Prehistoric Stone Flake Tools

Expert Systems for Lithic Analysis

IAOS - International Association of Obsidian Studies
From this page, you can find out about the IAOS, explore technical information related to obsidian studies, or use the Archaeology and Web Surfing page as a launching point to many other useful and intriguing Internet locations.

Interpreting the Function of Stone Tools
This is a hypertext version of the book: Grace, R. 1989 - Interpreting the Function of Stone Tools: The quantification and computerisation of microwear analysis. B.A.R. international series 474.

Introduction to Stoneworking
These pages will describe the basics of making and studying stone artefacts. Some necessary terms (ie.jargon) are explained here. Today the art of stoneworking is unfamiliar to most people, and the purpose of this area is to give you an understanding of the study of stone artefacts.

Knappers Anonymous
Knappers Anonymous is an online collection of notes, essays,and images from a wide range of sources -- all concerned with the topic of flintknapping.

LITHICS-L   Lithics-l Archives

Lithics-NET: North American projectile point catalogue
The Center of the Web for Information on North American Aborigine Projectile Points and Lithics.

Lithic Research, Inc.

The lithics site
A resource for archaeological lithic analysts.

Lithic Technology: Tools for Life

Northeast Lithic Database (NELD) pilot project
Lithics constitute the bulk of archaeological artifacts in the Northeast. Archaeologists and geologists in the region are reexamining how lithic materials are classified and sourced. The Northeast Lithic Database Workgroup (NELD) is comprised of a cooperative group of archaeologists, geologists and other interested parties. This workgroup has recognized a need to compile information concerning lithic materials and their sources in the Northeast. The workgroup is in the process of developing a database on the world wide web to facilitate lithic research.

Obsidian Hydration Analysis Service
OHAS is an archaeological laboratory investigating prehistory using a suite of methods. These include, but are not limited to: transmitted light microscopy, reflected light microscopy, macroscopic analysis, satellite navigation (GPS), geographic information systems (GIS), laser technology, and a hefty computing facility.

SARC: Stone Age Reference Collection
SARC is a reference program containing information about the typology, technology, raw materials and study methods of the stone age.

Theory & Methods of Lithic Analysis ANTH 352
Lecture and laboratory on the principles and techniques of stone and bone artifact manufacture, identification, classification, metrical analysis, interpretation, and integration with other classes of archaeological evidence. Emphasis on the use of lithics to test human behavioral models.

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