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North America:

Anasazi Heritage Center
The Anasazi Heritage Center (AHC) is a museum of the Ancestral Puebloan (or Anasazi) culture and other cultures in the Four Corners region. The museum features permanent exhibits, archaeological sites to visit, new and different special exhibits and events, traveling exhibits for loan, educational resources for teachers and a large research collection from the Dolores
Archaeological Program and other archaeological projects.

Archaeological Field Work in the Northwest Territories

Archaeological Research in the Arctic

Archaeological Research Institute at Arizona State University
ARI is associated with the Department of Anthropology, and is dedicated to education, research and preservation of the past.

Archaeological Sites of the Southwest 

Archaeology Laboratory, Augusta College

Arctic Circle  
Internet Resources for Arctic Studies, University of Connecticut.

Arkansas Archaeological Survey

Association of Historical Archaeologists of the Pacific Northwest

Bonnechere Cultural Heritage Project
Based out of Bonnechere Provincial Park in eastern Ontario, Canada, southeast of Algonquin Provincial Park, the Bonnechere
Cultural Heritage Project focuses on the human history of the Bonnechere River watershed, from prehistoric to modern times.

Cahokia Mounds State Historic Site, Illinois

Canadian Heritage Information Network
Information gateway to museums, galleries, and heritage in Canada and around the world.

Center for Indigenous Research

Chaco Canyon

Chucalissa Archaeological Museum, Tennessee
Operated by the Department of Anthroplogy at the University of Memphis. Within the 187 acre tract, located just south of Memphis, Tennessee, lies the C.H. Nash Museum and a reconstructed 15th century Native American village located on an actual archaeological site, now known as Chucalissa.

Emerald Bay Historic Barges, Lake Tahoe
California's first underwater shipwreck park, the Emerald Bay Historic Barges was officially opened to the public
following the September 23, 1994 dedication ceremony. 

First People's of the Northeast
By Esther K. Braun and David P. Braun. A book for general audiences which covers 12,000 years of the history of the native peoples of New York, New England and the Canadian Maritimes.

Friends of Northeast Texas Archaeology

Journey Through Time: Manitoba Archaeology
An Electronic Exhibit. Presented by the University of Manitoba Libraries and the Department of Anthropology.

The Heritage Foundation of Newfoundland and Labrador

Hohokam Rock Art
The Hohokam lived in the Sonoran Desert in central and southern Arizona Sometime betweeen a.d. 200 to a.d.1450. Like
many primitve people they used symbols as a form of expression. These symbols were either carved, pecked, scratched, or
engraved in stone and are known as petroglyphs.

Hopewell Culture National Historic Park
Hopewell Culture National Historical Park is dedicated to the preservation and interpretation of Hopewell Culture.

Indigenous Peoples
Library of Congress.

Information from Minnesota SHPO
Historic Preservation, Field Services and Grants Department Minnesota State Historic Preservation Office.

Iowa Office of the State Archaeologist
A research, service, and educational unit of The University of Iowa. This page guides you to information on many OSA programs and activities.

Journal of Northeast Anthropology
Northeast Anthropology is a journal dedicated to scholarly investigations and reports from the northeastern United States and adjacent Canadian provinces. It is a bi-annual publication covering a wide range of anthropological issues including archaeology, linguistics, physical and cultural perspectives.

London Museum of Archaeology
The London Museum of Archaeology is a unique museum devoted to the study, display, and interpretation of the human occupation of Southwestern Ontario over the past 11,000 years. The Museum is located beside the Lawson Prehistoric Indian Village, a site occupied by the Neutral Indians in the 15th century A.D.

MacIntyre Creek Archaeology Project
The Macintyre Creek Archaeology Project arose out of the discovery of site JeUs-28 in July 1993 by the project's Principal Investigator, Douglas Rutherford. Funding for three field seasons has been provided by the Northern Research Institute at Yukon College. This has permitted the excavation of 53 m2, of which 49 m2 are adjacent to each other. Over 1000 artifacts and faunal samples have been recovered during the 1995, 1996, and 1997 field seasons.

Maryland Historical Trust

Middle Atlantic Archaeological Conference
THE Middle Atlantic Archaeological Conference (MAAC) was organized in 1970 to serve as an informal
forum at which current archaeological information from the region (roughly from Virginia to New York, west to the
Ohio River) could be exchanged. MAAC has grown from that first round-table gathering of some three dozen
archaeologists to today's more formal 3-day professional meeting attended by more than 200 archaeologists, students,
and lay people.

Mississippi Valley Archaeology Center
The Mississippi Valley Archaeology Center provides education about ancient cultures of the upper Mississippi River Valley to the general public and undergraduate students, conducts research and exploration of archaeological sites and artifacts, preserves archaeological artifacts of ancient cultures which flourished within the upper Mississippi Valley, and provides a regional center to promote understanding of the prior inhabitants of this region.

Mound Builders History & Archaeology
This site focuses primarily on the Amerindian Mound Builders, Amerindian Civilizations, Early Explorations
of the Americas and correcting the history of the Americas. 

MSARP Virtual Slide Show - Archaeology in Arctic Canada
A virtual slide show based upon archaeological research carried out in the Canadian High Arctic during the past five years.


New York State Archaeological Association
The NYSAA is a non-profit organization composed of people interested in various phases of archaeology in New York State. Members consist of both avocational and professional archaeologists devoted to promoting the historic and pre-historic archaeology of the Empire State.

North Carolina Archaeology 

Nova Scotia Museum - Archaeology of Nova Scotia
Nova Scotia has a long and varied history beginning with the Palaeo-Indian First Peoples nearly 11,000 years ago. The web site will present information on cultural history research with contributions from archaeologists, historians, educators, resource managers and the museum community.

Ohio's East Fork or "Hanukkiah" Earthworks

Ontario Archaeological Society

Oregon State Museum of Anthropology - Research Division

Ottawa Chapter, Ontario Archaeological Society  

Outline of Prehistory and History in the Southeastern U.S. and Caribbean

Palatki - 6000 Years of Arizona Rock Art

Pensacola Archeology Lab
Pensacola Archeology Lab (PAL) is a nonprofit corporation established for three major purposes: archeological research, education, and publication. These goals are reached by developing hypotheses in the lab and testing them in the field.

Prehistory of Alaska - National Park Service
This page serves as the index page for a series of documents that provide an OVERVIEW of the prehistory of Alaska and for another set of documents that briefly describe the cultural resources (archaeology, history, ethnography) in each national park and preserve in the state. 

Preserving Minnesota's Cultural Resources

Society for California Archaeology

South Carolina Institute of Archaeology and Anthropology (SCIAA)
The South Carolina Institute of Archaeology and Anthropology (SCIAA) was established in 1963 as a University of South
Carolina research institute and a State cultural resource management agency. As the latter, it serves as the main State agency
concerned with South Carolina's Prehistoric and Historic Archaeology, and its discovery, study, revelation, and official safekeeping at a curatorial facility.

South Dakota State Archaeological Research Center

Southwestern Archaeology
This is the "Type Site" for World Wide Web archaeology as practiced in the American Southwest. It encompasses the area from Durango Colorado to Durango Mexico, and from Las Vegas Nevada to Las Vegas New Mexico. The boundaries of the type site are broadly defined as Southwestern Archaeology also includes vast expanses of intellect and tradition, and matters of the heart.

State of Florida - Bureau of Archaeological Research

Tennessee Archaeology Net
The Central Information Source for Tennessee Archaeology.

Texas Archaeological Society

Upper Midwest Rock Art Research Association
The Upper Midwest Rock Art Research Association is dedicated to publicizing the petroglyph and pictograph research being conducted in the Upper Midwest of the United States, including - but not limited to - Minnesota, Wisconsin, Iowa, North and South Dakota.

West Virginia Archaeology
West Virginia Archaeological Research Library. 

The Windover Archaeological Research Project

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